I am engaged in human behaviour. My focus lies in processes of confirming, conforming, transformation and turning away.

I’m concerned with spatial arrangements in order to visualise the appearance of tensions, rhythms, areas of dangers or the visual feedbacks in the space, by putting an object or installation in it.

I think, that to move and wander around a work in order to change perspective is very important for understanding correlations.

A playful and almost haptic dialogue with materials is essential for me. In the behaviour of materials I find contrast, resistence and analogies with human behaviour.

Many of my works I understand as models which point out precarious connections and static energys. Mostly I try to find out what the triggers of change are, which impulses come first.

I perceive my enviroment in a holistic way and try to understand all related facets, which is why I’m also interested in working with space, installation and sound.

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Mich beschäftigen Menschen; wie sie sich einander anpassen, verbünden, abgrenzen und abkehren.

Viele meiner Anordnungen verstehe ich als Gedankenmodelle spannungsvoller und prekärer Verbindungen. Mich interessieren Fragen der Übersetzung, der Grammatik und der Interpretation gleichermaßen, wie die sinnliche Tätigkeit beim Experiment.

Besonders interessiert mich das Entstehen räumlicher Spannungsfelder.